Plein Air Workshop

In 2018 I taught my first Plein Air Painting Workshop, focused on foundational oil painting techniques and the process of en plein air painting.

The most significant message during this course is that Nature is our greatest teacher. I wanted to encourage painters to ask the scene, not me, to answer certain questions pertaining to composition, shape, light, color, and depth. My hope was to encourage others to transcend modes of thinking, and communicate with their surrounding environment intuitively, deeply, and with an open heart.

This way of painting, and creating a flowing dialogue, has created a huge transformation for me, and continues to. It allows me to recognize the complex living organisms all around me, and for a moment to tap into that energy that words cannot describe. This connection nourishes my soul and increases my sense of compassion for something that I am apart of and inextricably linked to. To me en plein air painting is so much more than direct observation; it is an emotional and meditative experience that brings me to the very spirit of Nature. Its also about connecting with your own sense of adventure; swimming through tall grass, hungrily searching for a scene you feel kinship with, and breaking a sweat looking for the perfect spot!