show21and dark matter

This Friday night, October 6th, is the opening for show21 at The Front Gallery in Montpelier and Dark Matter at the S.P.A.C.E Gallery in Burlington. You can check out my newest large scale painting at The Front and a few road kill pieces at The S.P.A.C.E!




How Lovely the Silence of Growing Things, 2017
show21, The Front Gallery, Barre St in Montpelier, VT
opening reception October 6th 4-8pm, exhibit runs through November 25th



Front of The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery on Pine St in Burlington





En Route III, IV, and II, 2017
Dark Matter, Juried Exhibition at The S.P.A.C.E Gallery on Pine Street, Burlington, VT
opening reception October 6th, 5-9pm, exhibit runs through October 28th


Worcester Range

In the little yurt on the good heart farmstead in worcester, vt, where I painted for the spring and summer, I curated an exhibition with selected paintings and field studies. Outside you could stand and look at the worcester mountain range itself. I thought it would be excellent to create a show where one would be able to experience the scene that inspired the work.

work in progress

Outdoor Painting Process




Good Heart

Last month I moved up to the Good Heart Farmstead in Worcester, Vermont. 
I live in a beautiful yurt and will be getting a weekly CSA share in exchange for working on the farm a couple days a week. 
The farmers Edge, Kate, and their three year old son Waylon (who is an incredible painter) have cultivated a nurturing, sustainable, and loving organic farm and garden in the foothills of the Worcester Mountain range. I am so grateful to be working the land with them and be apart of preserving and honoring the environment, while helping them in their mission to provide local, fresh, and organic food to surrounding communities.
The farmers want the their farmstead to be a relaxing and inspiring space for people to come to, and have given me permission to use the vacant yurt at the edge of the woods as a studio space, and treat my work trade as a creative retreat as well. In addition to working the land and eating what we grow, I’m focusing on expressing my experiences here with a particular interest in the intersection between land and sky, and the changing light  over the worcester Mountains. 
Below is a link to the CSA site and Kate’s Blog


Meditation Retreat

I had the unique opportunity to go on a week long retreat at Blue Cliff Monastery in upstate New York with my boyfriend Charles. His mother paid for my donation in exchange for two paintings. I couldn’t imagine a better trade! 

Blue Cliff follows in the tradition of Vietnamese Zen Buddhism and is dedicated to the Vietnamese teacher, monk, and Zen master Thich Naht Hanh. The first book I read by him is called “Being Peace.” 

Throughout the long days of deep contemplation within an enclosed community practicing sitting, eating, walking, and working meditation and much noble silence, tea, and yoga, I touched a profound peace within me and around me in nature at almost every moment of every day. 

A coworker gave me a Japanese rice paper notebook from his ski trip visit to Japan. I filled the first side of it, about twenty small pages in an accordion style binding, during this retreat. I painted the streams, creeks, ponds, and wet rocks with black India Ink and my bamboo calligraphy brush. Thich Naht Hanh has his own style of calligraphy that inspired my mark and letter making. On my last fews days I would walk past a large stone that had the phrase “Go Like a River” painted on its front marking the trail to the stream in the woods. I painted this phrase on the last two pages. I found that this medium complimented the tone and pace of the retreat so perfectly and now have an entirely new relationship to ink and water based painting mediums.

If you are interested in this particular practice here is the websit for more information:

Blue Cliff Monastery


show16 at The Front Gallery in Montpelier.
This is the first show I’ve helped to curate/install.
The work I put in depicts three slightly different angles of a remarkably intact white rabbit on the side of an icy snowbank on a dirt road in Middlesex. These will be the last three of the roadkill series for now. I found tremendous beauty in the way the earth held this fragile creature; its blood crystalized and black void like eyes bursting against white fur and snow. It was a cold and empty dark night when I drove past.
Show 16