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Munds Mountain Wilderness

9x12" oil on masonite. Free shipping. Painted on location on the Munds Wagon Trail in Sedona, Arizona!


Supermoon Moon Lunar Eclipse

Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona, painted on site outdoors during the first two supremos of 2020 and finished during the lunar eclipse full moon in June of 2020. Cosmic vortex energy!!! 8x10" oil on hardwood panel, unframed, free shipping.


Airport Mesa Descent

Plein air painting on Brewer Trail that connects to airport mesa loop, in Sedona Arizona. 8x10" oil on masonite panel.


Boynton Canyon Pass

Plein air off trail in Boynton Canyon.


Weathered Friend

3x12" oil on masonite panel. Field Study of a dead tree off trail in Sedona, Arizona.


Passing Through

4x12" oil on masonite. Free shipping. Cloud study by the Coconino National Forest in Rimrock, Arizona. Lovely contemporary plein air piece.


Stairway To Heaven

8x10" oil on masonite. Free shipping.Atmospheric red rock plein air painting, in Sedona, Arizona.


Sunset Drive

4x12" oil on masonite. Heading from the Deer Park Vietnamese Buddhist Monastery in Escondido, CA to Sedona, Arizona. We caught this open field/trailer trail head off the highway as the sun was setting behind the trees. Gives the feeling of the wild west and the open road.


Sycamore Canyon

12x12 oil on wood panel


Cathedral Rock Pilgrimage

My largest plein air painting created in the Southwest so far. 14x14" oil on wood board, comes with a restored charcoal vintage frame. Behind Cathedral Rock, one of the spiritual vortex red rocks in Sedona, AZ.


Late bloomer

8x10 oil on wood panel Plein air on brewer trail In the spring (Sedona, AZ) unframed



ALL PROCEEDS GO TO NORTHCOAST LAND an effort to help rewild and protect the rainforest, thereby protecting all species that inhabit these spaces too. An art & ecology coffee table book! 8x10" features 12 high quality prints and transitional facts between the changing biomes. Includes a story of my road trip visiting and painting national parks, forests, and heritage sites. A great companion piece to any of my paintings or field studies!


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